Growing Ward 29's tree canopy

New Park Trees in Ward 29

In June/2014, about 40 ball-and-burlap (B&B) trees were planted in Memorial Gardens Park, next to the East York Civic Centre at Coxwell & Mortimer. When we asked Parks for a planting list, they sent us a nifty map showing which species were planted where.

MemorialGardensParkThumbNailLuckily for these new trees, summer/2014 was relatively cool and rainy. However, the first 3 to 5 years are crucial to survival so these would really benefit from some a bit of basic care, for example annual mulching and regular watering during dry spells. What a perfect opportunity for a few neighbours to start an Adopt-a-Park-Tree group! LEAF and Park People provide a great DIY manual for tree adopters.

(Note regarding the map to Memorial Gardens Park: Planting locations in yellow indicate trees that did not get planted in spring/2014 because they conflicted with the weekly farmers’ market.)


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