Growing Ward 29's tree canopy

Get a Tree

For your front yard:

Did you know all Toronto homeowners can request a free front-yard tree from the City? For residents of Ward 29* we have enhanced the process:

  1. Check our list of the Top Twelve Trees that are perfect for the sandy soil and sunny yards in our area, and pick your two favourites.
  2. Complete our online order form for Ward 29 residents. Our volunteer group will submit your order, track its progress, and help to resolve any questions with our contacts in Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation.
  3. Watch for a notice from the City’s forestry department confirming they visited your front yard and found it suitable for the type of tree you requested. This can take about six weeks.
  4. Welcome your new tree when it gets planted the following spring or fall, depending on the species.
  5. Water often and enjoy your beautiful tree for years to come!

* If you don’t live in Ward 29, please phone 311 to order your tree.

For your back yard:

Logo-LEAFLEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) is a nonprofit that offers native trees and shrubs at a subsidized cost. Their arborists can help you make an educated decision about the type of tree that best suits your property, and where it should be planted. Apply through LEAF’s Backyard Tree Planting Program.




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